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Wed Jan 16

"Two Instead of One~", ‘Solo Escape’ Beauty Items

2017-12-22 15:48:27
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[by Kim Min soo] As we entered the month of December, the first snow fall and various holiday parties and Christmas are making everyone excited and the couples who just started dating are filling the streets. Do you want to escape the solo status this winter too? Then, let's start with your makeup.

If you are staring at the opposite sex aimlessly with dull skin and dark sunken eyes, let's handle the rough and dull skin now and find the perfect makeup that suits me. Take a look at the beauty items that are essential for the beautiful romance.

>> Pale white skin like the white snow


The first condition of beauty that calls for love is skin whitening. During the current weather condition such as the cold wave, it is easy to build up the dead skin cells and the skin becomes easily sensitive. So you should pay closer attention to your basic care as well as the intensive care depending on the skin condition.

Fir this situation, we recommend the smart beauty item White Milky Lotion Facial Cream. It provides light yet firm moisturizing skin with solid hydration before you put on your makeup, and the Milk Protein Extract and Botanical Butter provide a dual moisturizing barrier to lock
in the moisture.

TIP. Do not hesitate to use it if you have these skin concerns.

- Women who want moist, bright skin or baby-like honey skin
- Women with sensitive skin
- Women who wants a moisturizing cream that last a long time without stickiness

>> Kissable Lips


You should always prepare for the intimate moments. You can face a terrible situation if you are left defenseless. The rough and eyesore dead skin cells, crusty hands and lips from the cold weather can put a stop to the special moment. The cold winter requires more diligent care to achieve at least the soft lips.

3CE Heart Pot Lip offers constant hydrating lip care that gives a rich moisturizing feeling and vividly shining lips. Among them, red color is intense but exude innocent mood to give off lovable feeling.

>> Makeup for falling in love at the first sight


You should never put your guard down. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the lovable makeup since you don’t know when and where such as year-end gatherings, parties, ski resorts, you will meet the Mr. Right. In addition, let's create the makeup look suitable for TPO referring to the trend rather than your individual taste.

Sweet Brown Daily Makeup is the makeup that will look natural but leave deep impression. It goes well with any look, and it can provide a lively and romantic atmosphere. (photo by bntnews DB, stylenanda 3CE)


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