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December Festivals to Enjoy in Hong Kong

2017-12-22 16:26:47
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[by Shin Yeon Kyung] The end of 2017 is approaching fast. People are making a different plans for more special end of the year. If you are planning to travel abroad at the end of the year during the time when diverse and colorful festivals are held internationally, pay attention to Macau.

Destinations like the US and Europe is too far and the time is too short to enjoy. Macau in Hong Kong is a favorite destination for all seasons since it is close yet filled with things to eat and see.

Especially in the winter of a Macau, the temperature warms up to 20° so it is a perfect place to enjoy the festivals among the cool breeze in warm weather. We looked at three major festivals in Macau in December, where it is filled with various cultural events.

>> International Marathon

The Macau International Marathon, which celebrated its 36th anniversary this year, was held for the first time in 1981 and is held on the first Sunday of December every year. It consists of a full course, a half course, and a 5km mini-marathon. Everyone who applies in advance can enjoy the marathon.

Macau, called Asia's smallest Europe, is a beautiful place where the whole city was designated as a World Heritage Site. Participating in a marathon and running a part of the city is a special tour course by itself.

>> International Parade

The 'Macau International Parade', known as the 'Latin City Festival', began in 2011, commemorating Macau's return to China. It is the representative street festival of Macau, featuring a multinational atmosphere, attracting a lot of international attention each year.

A variety of street performances and spectacular parades can be enjoyed by people of various nationalities. From Macau's main landmark, St. Paul's Cathedral, you can enjoy the exciting festivals as well as admire the historical sites of Macau.

>> Light Festival

The Macau Light Festival, which has become a major winter festival in Macau, attracts many tourists every year. Macau's world heritages and major tourist attractions are decorated with colorful lights that make Macau's night more romantic and beautiful.

The festival will be held from 7 pm to 10 pm every night at eight locations around St. Paul's Cathedral during the month of December with a variety of programs and artists under the theme of "Amor Macau". In particular, the illuminated streets of Senado Square are a must-see.

If you enjoyed the various sights with your eyes, you can enjoy the delicious food after the festival is over. The chicken, which is simple and filling the stomach, fits best with the festival.

Especially Goobne Chicken’s ‘Goobne Pepper Crispy’ Chicken has capture the taste of Hong Kong, known for their picky eaters’ with crispy texture and mouthwatering spice. Above all, it's easy to carry around with neat packaging, so you can enjoy it wherever the festival goes. (photo by Macau Tourism Agency, Macau International Parade Official Facebook Page)


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