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How to Prevent Unwanted Hair Loss in Winter?

2017-12-22 16:54:11
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[by Hwang Yeon-do] The harsh weather continues. Extremely dropped temperature, dry weather and indoor air heat comes together and causes adverse effects on skin and scalp in winter.

Cold and dry wind not only lowers the moisture content in the skin but also causes problems such as obstruction of blood circulation, scalp and weakening of hair. Particularly, the scalp exposed to the tough weather condition may be accompanied by a sudden decrease in the ability to regenerate and weaken the hair follicle, leading to scalp pain and even hair loss.

Despite the fact that it is not easy to turn around the loss hair that has fallen off if not managed on time, the scalp and hair care is often neglected, despite the recent interest in beauty. Let's find out how to keep your hair healthy during winter time because it is hard to regain the hair once you lose them.

Winter hair loss, identify the cause

When cold weather arrives, more people suffer from hair loss. As the outside cold winds and indoor warm winds are repeated, the hair is likely to become dry and dehydrated.

The scalp, called the skin of the hair, is much more vulnerable to damage. In winter, the circulation of blood slows down and the scalp continues to lose hydration and forms thick dead skin cell layers. If the dead skin cells clog the pores of the scalp, the sebum secretion and nutritional supply fails to operate smoothly, and cause the hair to be weakened. This can ultimately lead to seborrheic dermatitis symptom or severe hair loss.

Wearing hats to protect your hair may also have an adverse effect. A hat, beanie, or fur hoodies can help keep the body warm, but if it is used for too long, it hampers blood circulation and weakens the hair and scalp. Particularly when the hair is not completely dried and you wear a hat on top of the damp hair, it causes the scalp to moisten to create a perfect condition for bacteria growth. This can lead to dandruff and hair loss so you should pay close attention.

5 daily know-hows to prevent hair loss
1. Preventing scalp dryness - The most effective way to prevent dryness in winter is to drink water. For skin, health, as well as your scalp, consume water often throughout the day. Also, in a room where the heater is constantly running, turn on the humidifier or hand dry wet laundry to maintain proper temperature and humidity to prevent dehydration. It is good to spray hair mist and essence from time to time on hair and scalp.

2. Maintain proper eating habits- The hair consists of protein. Therefore, consuming protein-rich walnuts, black beans, brown rice, milk, and eggs is good habit to prevent hair loss.

3. Fully rinse and dry – If you don’t rinse your hair properly when you shampoo them, the chemical will remain on your scalp, increasing the chance of hair loss. When you are washing your hair, massage your scalp with your fingers and rinse thoroughly for 3 minutes or more in running water. Also, if possible, dry it in natural winds. If you use a dryer, it should be at least 10cm away from the scalp and use cool wind instead of hot wind.

4. Helping scalp blood circulation by brushing - It is often misunderstood that tapping your scalp with hair brush can combat hair loss. However, it is good to avoid this because it can irritate scalp and hair. If you have any tangled hair, you should untangle them with your fingers first and brush them. It is also a good brushing method to brush from front to back, back of the ear to top, lower your head to brush from the neck and up.

5. Scalp Dead Skin Cell Removal- Dead skin cells and dandruffs are common symptoms in winter. In addition, if sebum and waste products are clogging the pores, the scalp disease can get worse. The way to eliminate dandruff at home is deep cleanse your scalp to effectively remove wastes and dead skin cells from the shampoo stage. However, if the scalp is already itchy or irritated, we recommend consulting with a specialist to find a suitable solution.

Problematic scalp management in winter

In winter, dry weather can cause head dandruff, dead skin cells and scalp trouble. Hesol Scalp Clinic develops programs to solve scalp hair problems based on 10 years of clinical know-how to cure these scalp problems, and has been a popular brand among hair loss patients through word of mouth.

The brand official shared regarding the winter hair loss, “One of the causes of hair loss in winter is dandruff. It is most important to thoroughly cleanse the scalp trouble elements such as dead skin cells, excessive sebum, inflammation and seizure. We recommend that you avoid problems with scalp management programs that normalize sebaceous glands, calm scalp, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory solutions.”

If you are suffering from sudden hair loss or suffering from excessive dead skin cells and dandruff unlike usual, why don’t you go to a professional scalp clinic and check your scalp condition first? (photo by bntnews DB, Ecomine)


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