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Wed Jan 16

What is the Hidden Season Change (IT) Item Inside the Beauty Editors’ Pouch?

2017-12-22 17:23:19
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[by Kim Hyo-jin] Changing season cannot be overlooked by anyone, no matter how beautiful there skin is. Not only the face, but also the whole body is dry, and sometimes you can suffer from unforeseen skin troubles.

Even the makeup that offered some relief fails to do its job so we have no idea what to do. To just let it be and think "This too shall pass", we feel so bad for our poor skin. This is the time when we need to pay special attention.

How do beauty editors survive the dark days of skin? Let's take a look at the essentials of the seasonal changes that beauty editors love and keep in their pouches.

>> Editor K_Maxclinic 28 Drop Ampoule

Editor K has extreme dry season so she always keep an ampoule and moisturizing cream even during the moist summer. The product she loves is 'Max Clinic 28 Drop Ampoule'. It's a compact size that you can fit in your pouch and use it to fit your skin condition.

Especially when she has an urgent appointment, she can skip any other skin care products after cleansing and only use the '28 drop ampoule' and it still provide super hydration. It is a small but smart product that makes your skin absorb the makeup well and gives maximum skin condition. Moisturizing, elasticity, soothing, whitening, total 4 kinds of skin condition can be selected according to the situation.

>> Editor M_ Fiera Boddle Boddle Hand cream

Editor M thinks the skin of your body as well as your face needs to be smooth in order to become a true beauty. Her soft and fragile hand can be felt with swift touch. When we asked about her baby like skin, she took out a hand cream in a cutest case.

'Fiera Boddle Boddle Hand Cream' is a non-sticky, long-lasting moisturizer. In addition, the packaged targets the women’s heart. If you care about not only the visible skin but also the touching skin, try the 'Boddle Boddle Hand Cream', which Editor M strongly recommends.

>>Editor S_23 YEARS OLD Sunderma B

Editors is may not be young, but her skin is still tight and firm. She is an older sister but she doesn’t have an older sister’s skin. Editor S’s secret to her ageless skin is not an expensive treat or management but a simple sunblock. In fact, sunscreen products are mostly used in summer, and acan be easily forgotten during the winter.

'23 YEARS OLD Sunderma B' is a product that is refreshing and light like a moisturizing cream, and compensates for the disadvantages of sunscreen. It is important to remember that sunscreen is essential throughout the seasons for a firm, hydrating skin.
(photo by: N&B Lab, Maxclinic, Fiera, 23 YEARS OLD, bntnews DB)


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