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Drought-Drenched Winter Skin, Prescription TIP to Fill up the Moisture

2017-12-22 17:49:39
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[by Woo Jian] Cold weather and dry indoor air make winter skin dehydrated and rough. During the winter when sensitive skin can fell severe skin dryness and itchiness, you need a moisture filled prescription to save your skin.

From the cleansing stage to makeup and night-care, moisture care is the most important thing to consider. If you do not nurture the skin's natural moisture, it will lose its elasticity and turn in to sagging skin in short amount of time.

We are introducing moisture management tips to make natural radiant skin, rather than temporary moisture shine.

STEP 1. Filling up moisture

Skin moisture deficiency does not occur overnight. Through the season changes to cold winter, the temperature and humidity become low and moisture is easily taken away from the atmosphere. Unlike in summer, winter skin can be neglected in skin care because the visible aging process is slow. Therefore, you should pay attention to the hydration intake in daily like.

If you have filled in the lack of moisture within your lifestyle, the next step is to preserve as much moisture as possible in your skin care. It is better to use cleanser foam with a mild foam rather than a strong cleansing product to remove the wastes from the skin and keep the oil that helps your skin.

You can use the 7 skin method, which has been introduced by the celebrities. It is a care method that expose your skin to the toner, and you tap on 7 times to let your skin absorb it completely. You should use non-alcoholic or oil-free toner to supply refreshing moisture to your skin.

STEP 2. Supply Nutrition

If your skin is not getting better even with products that pack in moisture, it is not enough to be solved with ordinary moisturizing products. So, you should take special care with your first product after cleansing. Fill the moisture with toner as you will need to use your skin to be moisturized as soon as possible after showering or cleansing.

In this case, you should soak a cotton pad with a moisturizing toner that contains moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and massage it on your face. Because it is not enough to just apply thick textured cream to fulfill the moisture with your skin, use the products suitable for your skin type to raise the moisture level in order to prevent the fundamental moisture deficiency phenomenon.

If you have completed your basic care, the following is a special care. If you use a mask pack containing excellent ingredients for moisturizing twice or three times a week, you will be able to eliminate unnecessary trouble during makeup, and also produce natural radiant skin all day long. Use fixer mist in winter to fix the makeup, and keep base makeup to crease or move around in cold wind.

[Editor’s pick]

01 KEEP COOL OCEAN DEEP CLEANSING FOAM – A creamy type of cleansing foam that uses ultra-fine foam cleanses the wastes in the pores, replenishes moisture in the skin, keeps the skin moist throughout the day, and naturally tone up dry and dull skin.

02 Avѐne TriXera lotion – A lotion that balance the oil balance and moisturize the skin that offers glowing affect and it brightens up the skin if used before the makeup. It contains hot spring water to help calm and relieve skin irritation.

03 Real Barrier Extreme Moisture BB – The whipping cream texture glides on smoothly and the skin barrier formula with ceramide contains the moisture without drying for a long time. BB cream that can maintain a gentle skin tone without darkening. (photo by bntnews DB, Keep Cool, Avene, Real Barrier)


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