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Fri Dec 14

Weekly Idol Goes Outdoor For Own Award Ceremony

2017-12-26 17:56:50
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[by Ent Team] Jung Hyungdon & Defconn are certainly not afraid of the cold. 

Wrapping 2017 with success and love, the two MCs will host the seventh edition of their Weekly Idol Awards on December 27. Starting in 2011, the ceremony relies on history and tradition in the world of idols. But for the first time ever, they will leave their studio to become the first award ceremony that comes to you. 

According to the recent filming, the ceremony respected conventions by putting out distinct categories for each awards but with a little personal touch: Always-Second category, Scene of the Year, Idol Champion, but they still present a Daesang. Jung Hyungdon and Defconn will personally go to the 57 idol teams who actively participated in their show this year to present them their award. Are they creating a new award-delivery service?

From outdoor parkings to underground training rooms, they went around Seoul to find all their winners. This time of the year has many award ceremonies in Korea, the most famous being the Blue Dragons and the Grand Bell, but the two men takes pride and confidence in the relevance of their own ceremony. 

The whole ceremony will air on December 27 on MBC Everyone. (photo by MBC Plus)

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