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Fri Dec 14

Robin Takes French Friends On A Kanghwado Tour

2017-12-26 18:10:22
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[by Ent Team] Robin looks his friends on a Kanghwado trip.

On MBC Every1 will soon air a new episode of Come! It's Your First Time In Korea in which Robin and his three French friends will leave the building and exhaustion-filled Seoul to reach the region of Kanghwado, which has a better air. 

In a recent filming, Robin introduced his Robin Tour to his friends, part of which was Kanghwado for historical reasons. 

The four men enjoyed their trips visiting all the glorious historic monuments of the region. According to the rumors, Robin endorsed the role of the guide and help his friends understand the relation between France and Korea as they were touring some important places. His friends showed astonishment saying that they had never heard about it or that they don't teach that in French schools. 

This adventure will broadcast on MBC Every1 on December 28. (photo by MBC Plus)

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