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Sun Feb 17

Hyoyeon Unveils New Secret In Please Take Care Of My Vanity

2017-12-26 18:27:05
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[by Ent Team] Hyoyeon unveils some breaking news. 

Hyoyeon was invited to join the MCs of Please Take Care of My Vanity 3 on December 26. She revealed the place where she is currently staying as well as her own beauty secrets. 

The place she revealed was until recently a place she shared with a Girl's Generation member. She used to live with Sunny whom decided to take her independence, leaving Hyoyeon alone in this big place. 

MC Leeteuk, who shares the same agency with Hyoyeon, explained that "When you decide to live on your own, you have to pay your expenditures but yourself whereas when you stay in the assigned dorm, the company pays it for you." 

Hyoyeon is a passionate woman when it comes to fashion and beauty. She recently released a book entitled HYO STYLE. Living up to this title, she unveiled her collection of garments and shoes, which she has been collection for a long time. Her dressing room contains a lot of stylish outfits. 

According to the rumors, she put on a special fashion show with her own clothes just for the program: a see-through shirt over a casual sweater, frills, she showed her own sense of fashion, admitting that she likes it when it's too-much. 

Hyoyeon's beauty and fashion tips will be unveiled on December 26 in Please Take Care of My Vanity. (photo by Fashion N)

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