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Stylenanda, Fashionista Coordination Formula 'Simple, Point'

2017-12-28 16:51:55
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[by Kim Minsoo] The colorful design with lots of detail is tacky. If you want to become a part of the fashion people, you should turn your eyes to a simple but edgy design.

Nowadays trendy fashion people prefer a look that gives a point to focus on the stylish and sophisticated style. This is also the fashion formula of the stars. Utilizing Padding or Sheepskin Jacket will complete the eye-catching fashion.

We took a closer look at the fashion of the stars at the airport and on their way to ‘Music Bank’ which is more stylish as it gets simpler.

#Hyun-a, Padding coordination technique

Sexy icon singer Hyun-ah participated in KBS2 'Music Bank' rehearsal at the public hall of Yeouido KBS in Seoul on the morning of 15th, and presented an alluring and stylish look. She wore a black hoodie, leggings and a short length padding to create vintage mood.

[Editor Pick]

The easiest way to become a fashionista is to unify the color as a whole. But there is something to be noted. It is better to choose a design that contains fur detail to go with the unifying color, and it is better to disperse your gaze with a beanie or a sneaker.


The singer Sunmi, who showed up at the airport for her international scheduled, radiated a chic charm with its long sheepskin jacket that came up to her knees. She wore a white shirt as an inner and showed off her stunning legs with shorts. She completed the sensual airport fashion with sunglasses and burgundy color cross bag.

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Sheepskin Jacket, which can be overwhelming, has emerged as an eye-catching item this season. In particular, sheepskin jacket, which gives a feeling of warmth only by the design, rhythmically blends with any item, adding a splendor to winter fashion.


On the other hand, Seolhyun attracted attention by wearing a short length sheepskin jacket. On the morning of the 15th, she was on her way to Japan to attend the ‘FNC Kingdom in Japan’ concert and showed off her sexy and innocent appearance by choosing a knee-high boots with a striped shirts covering her hips.

[Editor Pick]

As such, Sheepskin jacket is a fashionable and highly utilized item that creates a variety of atmosphere depending on the matched items. If you match a white dress with a slight feminine feel, you will be able to emphasize an innocent atmosphere and become a true fashion people. (photo by bnt news DB, stylenanda)


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