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Year-end Party Queen Makeup

2017-12-28 16:58:09
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[by Kim Min-soo] It's a full-blown year-end party season. The streets are already filled with spectacular lighting decorations foreseeing the end of the year, and women begin their happy concerns. It should be a question of party styling along with the excitement.

In order to enjoy a pleasant year-end, everyone would want to be the most fashionable and shine brighter than anyone else. If you want the turn the makeup of your dreams into a reality, let's try to be more bold and stylish look.

We looked into a few beauty tips for a glamourous party.

#'Bling Bling' eye-catching eye makeup

Powerful makeup is essential to get attention in a glamourous party. Pearl is a must-have item for party queen. The twinkle of the face that changes subtly with every move will have you catch the attention of the men.

At a party, it is better to give points with makeup that gives a more defined but alluring feeling. The brilliant charm of the multi-colored pearl that shines in the light will give you a feminine yet trendy feeling.


Style 3C Multi HOLOGRAM Glitter illuminates both eyes as if was lightened up. It also applies thin and moisturized around the eyes which has a lot of movement, it doesn’t crease or fall out and last all day in your everyday life activities.

Not to mention, it is not an overly glitzy glitter pearl but a glistening pearl with delicate shine, so note it is this holiday makeup trend for this season.

# Flawless skin expression above anything else

If you want to try the pearl eye makeup, which is not easy, you need to make sure your skin tone is clear and flawless in order avoid looking dirty or over the top. It is advisable to use a concealer to lightly cover the troubles and acne marks and keep the skin clean.


The texture that clings on to my skin optimized the condition before makeup, helping to make the skin more radiant than ever. Especially when you are in a closed space with the makeup on for a long time, your skin may be stressed.

For this kind of situation let's use 3CE glow beam. Chamomile and strong vitality tightly holds on to moisture to protect skin and helps brighten whitening effect. (photo by bntnews DB, stylenanda 3CE)


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