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Mon Dec 10

My First Love Creates Anticipation Around Acting

2018-01-09 02:36:53
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[photos by Kim Chiyoon] OCN's new drama series My First Love was introduced in front of the press through a conference held at Time Square's Amoris Hall in Yeongdungpo, Seoul. 

Every type of acting revolves around adjusting your reaction, but they say it's even more important when it comes to melodramas: the same look will have a different impact according to the reaction of the facing character. The amplitude may be narrow, the slightest difference can add something to the relation between an action and its reaction. This is what makes melodrama.

This is why drama series My First Love is gathering that much anticipation from the public. That day, Lee Yeolum posed with her love triangle: Lee Jungshin from CN Blue and Seo Jihoon. They even carried out a bit of their role to show the press what could their respective reaction towards their love story be in the series. 

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