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Wed Jan 16

Jung Yoomi Wears The Pyeongchang Olympics Gloves

2018-01-12 06:56:35
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[by Kim Chiyoon] The team of SBS drama series Judge VS Judge gathered in a restaurant in Yeouido on January 11 to celebrate the broadcast of the last episode. 

That night, Seoul was deep in cold. The temperature had hit 10 below 0. Actors and actresses attending might have been cold, we journalists, who had been waiting for an appearance for more than an hour had frozen lips.

As we were trembling, finger on the shutter, actress Jung Yoomi appeared in a warm-looking faux fur blouson. She took a few poses for us but, due to the strong cold, obviously had to get inside. Our lips were sealed by the freezing temperature and we couldn't ask for more.

But as her photo-time was ending, I noticed it: she was wearing the already famous gloves of the Pyeongchang Olympics which allow you to make finger-hearts more easily thank to their red tips. 

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