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Wed Mar 20

Korean Foods Tasted in Suzhou, China

2018-01-12 17:16:59
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[by Woo Ji-an] Suzhou, China which is called a city of gardens. With its unique and cozy atmosphere, it is visited by many people seeking healing and in the spotlight as a popular tourist destination.

With its developed garden culture, it provides a lot of sights to watch in the blooming season and as it is also famous for handcrafts and jasmine tea, it is a perfect tourist destination to satisfy all senses. Though it is good to feel a different culture when traveling, as the phrase ‘The spectacle of Mt. Geumgansan cannot interest the hungered’ suggests, it is a highlight of travel to taste foods at a travel destination. What would well-being foods tasted at a place of healing feel like?

In particular, at present, Korean foods captivate people’s tastes around the world as well-being foods. Korea foods to be tasted in Suzhou are presented here to help your healthy and hearty travel.

# The Kims’ snacks

Kimbap which is loved by people around the world not to mention. The Kims’ Kimbap filled with fresh and various ingredients is one of nutritious foods as well as good for a simple meal at a travel destination. Ramyeon, Rabokki and Tteokbokki etc. which go along well with Kimbap is excellent for a meal and they are often ordered as a set menu because they boost appetites with their unique tastes.

# Cheongseokgol- Galbi

How about Galbi which is loved by people regardless of gender and age due to its glutinous texture and deeply soaked sweet seasoning? Cheongseokgol-Galbi which is low in fat and high in protein is a menu worthy of recommending if you would like to taste a thick and well- seasoned Korean style meat. Galbi goes along well with rice but it tastes much better when eaten together with Naengmyeon (a cold noodle dish).

# Goobne chicken 

Chicken is a food loved by Koreans to the extent to deserve to be called a food representing Korea. Though it is usually known as a high-calorie food, Goobne chicken is a chicken made in consideration of health by reducing fat and roasting in an oven while keeping the unique flavor of chicken. In particular, ‘Goobne Volcano’, a hot menu of Goobne chicken is characterized by fatless mild gravy and flavor by roasting a chicken coated by a special sauce based on hot pepper sauce. In addition, ‘Goobne Red Pepper Basasac’, a steady seller, is a chicken which attracts people with a mouthful of delicate pungent flavor of Cheongyang hot pepper, and when served with two sauces offered together, it boasts of a perfect combination. Goobne chicken is highly recommended if you would like to have both health and taste at a travel destination. (photo by official homepage of the Kims’, official homepage of Cheongseokgol and official homepage of Goobne chicken)


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