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Wed Mar 20

The Beginning and the End of a Trip to Hong Kong is the Food!

2018-01-19 15:46:18
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[by Woo Ji-An] Hong Kong is spotlighted by splendor and gourmet travel. It is a popular tourist attraction among younger generations as it is a sightseeing spot where you can enjoy a wonderful city night view and enjoy shopping and sightseeing.

Experience and sightseeing as well as night markets, food, and especially restaurants with the largest number of food and population, make it a place where people from all over the world can enjoy Hong Kong. It is a good trip to see, hear, and taste, but the fun starts when you are full. Is there any factor that makes doubles the fun of traveling as much as food and food?

We introduce tasty restaurants to enjoy in scenic Hong Kong which can bring up atmosphere of trip to the maximum.

#Goobne Chicken

It is delicious whenever and wherever you like, but the Goobne Chicken is different from other chicken. First of all, if you have avoided fried chicken because of the thick batter or the heavy taste, you can choose Goobne Chicken that bakes the chicken in the oven to remove oil. Unlike ordinary chickens, you can enjoy it in a well-being style, and you can eat delicious chicken without feeling heavy.

Especially, the Goobne Chicken is one of the favorite men and women of all ages for its moist and juicy meat without grease. Enjoy your trip with Chicken, one of the favorite food in Korea as well as the whole world.

#Tai Cheong Bakery

Tai Cheong bakery, one of Hong Kong's must places to visit, is popular for their delicious egg tarts. Opened in 1954, it has long been recognized as a Hong Kong’s must visit restaurant, and the buttery smell that fills the store further enhances the flavor of the bakery.
There are many more popular items additional to their signature egg tarts, so you should definitely visit them at least once.

#Tim Ho Wan Dim Sum

One of the most important dishes to eat in Hong Kong is the dim sum. In Hong Kong, they are considered as appetizers to eat before the main course to heighten your appetite with rich ingredients. In particular, Tim Ho Wan Dim Sum is a Michelin restaurant, so you can enjoy a variety of flavors using fresh ingredients in a thin wraps.

If want to taste the light and savory dim sum, try visiting Tim Ho Wan. (photo by Goobne Mall official homepage, Tao Heung Group homepage, Tim Ho Wan official homepage)


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