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Wed Mar 20

Catch up with Ever-Changing Fashionista Sunmi’s Style

2018-01-19 15:57:03
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[by Kim Min-soo] Last summer, wannabe star singer Sunmi grabbed the heart of men and women with her captivating charm with her solo album ‘Gashina’. Wherever she goes, you can see flood of reporter and fans following her every move.

She is also known as a fashionista in the entertainment industry, and she shows off ever-changing charm with new fashion that is perfect for all TPO. Recently, she attracted the attention of the viewers at the airport and the awards ceremony and became hot topic once again.

Let's look at the Sunmi’s style that femininity and sexy coexist.

#Complete airport fashion with long padding

Sunmi was on the way to Hong Kong to attend '2017 MAMA'. At that time, she appeared wearing a khaki long padding and grabbed everyone’s attention. She wore a turtle neck T-shirt to for warmth with a long padding that gives a soft shiny feel and caught the atmosphere of the scene.

Editor Pick Long padding is easy to rhythmically match any item, so it can be coordinated easily. If you want to create a feminine feel, let's take advantage of a pure white knit dress. It can be used as an item that can satisfy both warmth and style in cold weather.

#Sunmi completes the girl crush
Sunmi, who appeared at the airport again a few days later for an editorial photo shoot, came out with a completely different look. She wore a white t-shirt and short pants, then she added a Mouton jacket to complete her girl crush look and make her sexy legs look like she was on the stage.

Editor Pick Women's it-item Mouton jacket has been showing some strength for several seasons. In addition to celebrity as Sunmi, it has become a popular item among all women. You can great a casual but sophisticated look when you match a white-colored knitted sweater or check pattern skirt.

#Femininity explosion, trendy Sunmi

Sunmi, who enjoys new and unique fashion, attracted attention by showing trendy and chic at last year's awards ceremony. The stunning charm exuding from the check pattern and the orange patch point of the flower boasted a beautiful appearance.

Editor Pick In fact, whatever wardrobe you wear is, it is best to tailored to your TPO. As a must-have item for fashion people, the check pattern one-piece dress is the best item to create an unconventional natural yet delicate look. (photo by bnt news DB, stylenanda)


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