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Sun Feb 17

Create Baby Hair to Escape M Shape Forehead

2018-01-19 16:29:09
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[by Hwang Yeon-do] “When I cut my bangs, the rugged hairline stands out so it’s not pretty. If I tie it up, I look even uglier with my wide forehead that covers half of my face. I have no choice but to put my bangs down and over my face as much as possible…”

Did you look at the article above and said, "It is my story"? Do you sigh every morning as you cover your ugly hairline with hair fibers? Are you envious of the celebrities on TV with round and beautiful foreheads? This is for you. A trick for women who are suffering from a wide and poor hairline.

Let's take a look at how to create a lovely baby hair that seems like you were born with.

Step 1 >> Hairline Makeup

Until a few years ago, the only product for covering thinning hair for men were hair fibers. But now, there are concealers, hair shadow, tint, puff and so much more that are available on the market.

Each product will vary slightly, but the approximate usage is to cover the rugged lines visually with tones similar to your hair color in the forehead. It is difficult to make a dramatic change because it can look artificial if you cover too much space. This is suitable when you have enough hair and you just want to improve the forehead hair line.

Step 2 >> Create baby hair with trick haircut

In reality, it is hard for people with large foreheads to see effects with makeup alone. Especially in the case of an M-shaped forehead, the makeup can look bunch up and look dirty.

In this case, let’s be bold and try cutting your hair. You can cut your bangs to the desired lines so it can look like baby hairs. It can look rugged if you cut it too short so make sure it is long enough to lay flat, and it is best to perm it so it can curl inwards and look more natural. If it’s difficult to understand just by reading this article, search online for many instruction videos made by experts on cutting baby hairs.

Step 3>> Baby hair recovery solution phase

M-shaped hair loss is often thought to be confined to middle-aged men. However, it is a common for women as well. A woman with an M-forehead usually have a big complex because her face looks bigger and older. The wide, rugged forehead line may be congenital, but in recent times it has been caused by sudden hair loss. If you try to solve it by your own strength, you have a long way to go. There can be a counterproductive effect. Therefore, We recommend that you get the help of a specialist rather than a pointless self-treatment.

The M-shaped hair loss on women are usually more difficult to notice so they often miss the initial treatment period. Therefore, if you decide to visit the clinic, you should first analyze your scalp type and hair loss progress accurately.

The Hesol Scalp Clinic’s severe hair loss program is a solution for women who have miss the initial stage and are now in the severe stage of hair loss. At the heart of the treatment is correcting the root cause. The process consists of inhibiting the production of DHT causing hair loss and restoring the abnormal scalp function to produce healthy hair.

A clinic official boasted their know-how from 10years of research and said, "It is an effective solution to improve prevention of hair loss and strengthen the recovery of hair cell function. In fact, many customers have experienced the hair to grow back again."

Numerous people want to cure hair loss, it is hard to turn it around once you miss the chance. This is especially true for women whose hair is of great importance. Before you regret more, let's realize the importance of scalp health and solve the root cause, instead of the temporary trick. (photo by bnt news DB, Ecomine)


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