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Sun Feb 17

How do you upgrade your beauty index in 2018?

2018-01-19 16:38:57
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[by Hwang Sohee] In January, everyone has a New Year resolution in mind. Each year, diet and the wish to become more beautiful fills the hearts of many women.

Everyone wants to be beautiful. In 2018, we prepared a makeup tip that will fulfill the dream of women for the New Year.

For 2018, the eye makeup that will make your eyes more defined and bigger to increase the beauty index is rapidly emerging.

It is used by many female celebrities and not too over the top so it would be perfect for your daily makeup look.

It is also good as a daily makeup because it is not over the make-up that woman entertainers like. Let's pay attention if you want big and bright eyes like Jun Ji Hyun, Song Hye Kyo, Han Ji Min, Suzy and Jung Yum Mi.

Seo Hyun-jin, Suzy, and Han Yesul who own big and beautiful eyes enjoy clean and bright make-up which emphasizes eyelashes rather than deep eye makeup. Thick eye lines or dark shadows can make your eyes look closed off.

If you want a feminine and atmospheric look, try a makeup that makes lashes stand out instead of dark colored shadows. Rich eyelashes can provide a cool, crisp look without closing off your eyes. It is advisable to use a mascara fixer after curling to keep the eyelash curls longer. If you are worried about the mascara, let's apply powder to the underline before using mascara. You can create doll-like eyelashes that won’t smear over time.

You can make your eyes look beautiful and attractive with neat and clear makeup like the heroine of a drama, but it may seem a little lacking to make a perfect change. Especially, in the case of people with single lids, creating double lids without proper place can make it seem artificial and cause saggy lids. If it is difficult to create a look you want with just makeup, or if you expect more satisfactory effect, it is better to get professional advice.
It is also possible to consider eyelid surgery if you are suffering from uncomfortable eyestrain due to different eye size or you are concerned about looking dull with single eyelids. According to Baek Hye Won director from Korea’s JK plastic surgery, "There are many people who have issues with their single eyelids. If the eyes are giving dull or mean impression, it may be difficult to see satisfactory correction effects even with makeup changes. If you are worried because your eyes look closed off, even after applying the usual methods of making cosmetics or various other methods, it is also a good idea to have an in-depth consultation with the eyelid specialist. "

Double eyelid surgery determines the surgical procedure depending on the type of the eye shape. If there is a lot of fat on the lid, it will be done by incision. Thin skin and small eyes can be easily operated by partial puncturing method. In addition, it is possible to perform an appropriate type of surgery for the eyes with raised eye tail or the eyes that are sleepy and drowsy, using a outer corner cutting method or full incision method.

Baek Hye Won director added, "There are people who visit our office to find a solution after trying and failing to cover their complexes with various method of makeup. So if you want to have clear and beautiful eyes, have in-depth counseling with a specialist before you enter the surgery to get more satisfying result of making the perfect eyes that suit you.”
JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, which was awarded the honorable plaque of excellent partner organizations for attracting foreign patients in Gangnam-gu, Korea, is a "one-stop pre-operative test" that makes accurate diagnosis and analysis of patients’ health status a top priority. An in-house anesthetist specialist is always in the office. For possibility of an emergency, CPR (emergency response) team and emergency kits is always ready along with UPS uninterruptible power supply that can continue operation during power outage. Safety of patients and other systems is always given top priority.
(photo by JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, bnt news DB)


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