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What is the secret of perfectly cover the hair loss in winter?

2018-01-19 16:56:40
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[by Hwang Yeon-do] The winter has arrived without fail. Nowadays, skin irritation is exacerbated we are repeatedly exposed to the cold wind of the outdoor and the hot air heat of the indoor rooms.

When the cold weather starts, abnormal signals such as troubles, dryness, and deal skin cells are transmitted from the skin. Your scalp is no different. There are many people who suffer from dandruff, itching, seborrheic dermatitis, and hair loss symptoms. In winter, when the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is high, the immune power falls sharply and the hair is likely to weaken.

Therefore, special care should be taken to manage hair and scalp as the temperature drops. People with higher hair loss risk factors are even more so.

Winter hair loss, what is the cause?

Hormonal Effects >> Hair loss is caused by various factors such as stress, hormone imbalance, staining and swelling. Especially in autumn and winter, the daytime is short and the amount of sunshine is reduced so testosterone secretion increases in the body for both sex. When testosterone is converted to DHT by an enzyme in the body, hair growth is inhibited and the hair tends to thin out.

Excessive heating >> Indoor heating in winter also causes hair loss. Excessive heating causes indoor atmospheric drying, which also affects the skin and scalp. Often, the dry environment increases the dead skin cells in the scalp and eventually causes the hair to fall off.

How to prevent sudden hair loss in winter

When cold weather arrives, many people worry about severe hair loss. Changes in hormones also play a role, but the biggest factor is dandruff. Dandruff refers to the dead skin cells from the scalp surface. In the winter when the temperature drops sharply, the dryness and wind weaken the blood circulation it cannot achieved properly activity and the scalp becomes dry and form thick stratum corneum. When the dead skin cells pile up and the scalp pores are blocked, sebum secretion and nutrient supply are not properly performed, and hair becomes weak, and the patient may suffer from seborrheic dermatitis symptoms or severe hair loss in result.

In the hair and hairline market, products aimed at hair loss have appeared recently. Various types and usage of acidic shampoo, scaling products and nutritional toner are also available. However, it is imperative not to attempt self-healing with shallow knowledge.

The cause of hair loss is different for every person. Rather than buying a product and try self-management, accurate diagnosis of your hair condition should be a priority. Therefore, if you are experiencing a sudden loss of hair, we recommend that you first consult an expert. The type, condition, and cause of the scalp should be accurately recognized and properly managed.

Sensational technology of Hair industry, seamless coverage ‘Hair Transplant’

Many people suffering from hair loss are investing a considerable amount of money for treatment and coverage, including scalp clinics, hair transplants, and semi-permanent. The wig and infertility hair techniques are also emerging in the hairdressing salon in accordance with the consumption trend. However, those who are complaining about not getting a satisfactory effect on the cost investment are looking for alternatives.

Among this situation, there is a sensational new technology that attracts the attention from the beauty and hair loss market. It is hair weave which is spreading fast with word of mouth. Hair weaving is when you. It is a technology that makes thinning hair look natural and enriched by tying a hair piece to a person's existing hair with a fine knot. Currently, Komorich, the only hair weaving brand in Korea, is rapidly emerging in the hair market because it possesses unmatched technological power as well as the product quality of hair pieces that is similar to real hair.

Some of the features of Komorich's hair weaving are that it is less costly than other procedures, it can be used for general hair treatments (dyeing, fertilization, ironing, etc.), and retouching is not limited to one-time. There is a lot of interest among the beauty industry experts as well as people suffering from hair loss with this remarkable new technology.
If you are suffering from thinning hair during the winter, why not try a hair weaving procedure that will cover your thinning hair in a short period of time? (photo by bnt news DB, Komorich)


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