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How to Wear Eyeliner to make you Look Completely Different

2018-01-26 14:29:14
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[by Kim Min-soo] Eyeliner significantly changes image with a thin line of 1mm. The eyes that are the largest part of your face change your image depending on how makeup is worn.
You do not need to be disappointed as you have small eyes or single eyelids. You can create an effect to make your eyes get twice as big with eyeliner only. In addition, you can escape from boring makeup if you change lines’ angle according to colors.  

So, Stylenanda 3CE will make a suggestion about how to make you look completely different with an eye makeup method and eye makeup tips for beginners

# Bright eyes

Most women devote themselves to eye makeup to complete limpid and clear eyes. However, it is not easy the beginners to wear eyeliner skillfully. Let’s copy how to wear eyeliner in Stylenanda 3CE because everybody can easily do it. 


Let’s apply eyeshadow on eyelids and create the clear line of the outer edge of your eyes with EASY PEN EYE LINER to create large and limpid eyes. It keeps the clear eyeline without being smudged for a long time and the deep eyeline to eyelashes can be checked. 
And you can cleanse it cleanly without coloring or irritation with tepid water as the easily washable type. Because of this, pencil eyeliner is useful for the beginners. You can create wonderful makeup like the stars if you properly mix eyeshadow with it by considering the point that it gets a little bit thicker.

# Deep eyes

Recently, actresses’ makeup has created the deep eyes that utilize brown colors in common. It has continued to be loved by many women as well as the stars because it makes sweaters, jackets, and brown hair of feelings of warmth more stand out.

Make up for deep eyes creates a different atmosphere depending on how eyeshadow is used. Above all, it is important to choose eyeliner. So, Stylenanda 3CE’s EASY PEN EYELINER will be recommended.


It is good to express eyeliner to be neat because brown eyeshadow is layered several times. You can express deep and soft eyes by applying eyeliner one time as if you fill it in your eyelashes and do it again to the edge of your eyes.

At this moment, you must use eyeliner by shaking it up and down two to three times while the lid is closed before doing it so that uniform and elaborate colors can be formed.(photo by bntnews DB, stylenanda 3CE)


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