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Wed Mar 20

Korean Stars of the Eating Shows that Attract Public Gaze and make your Mouths Water

2018-01-26 14:55:33
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[by Ma Chae-rim] ‘CF’ means a TV film for advertising campaigns. It is one of the ways of advertising popularly used because specific products as well as brand identity can be introduced through images from several seconds to one minutes.

Commercial films feature various moods and promotion effects depending on storylines, directing, advertisement models, editing methods, etc. despite of short images. Well-made commercial films like a movie offer new attractions to consumers and viewers.

The commercial films that you could usually watch from TV became a sensation among netizens as they are distributed through more various channels than before including portal sites, major portal sites, online channels, smartphones, etc. due to the recent development of media. Especially, the eating show CFs that stimulate viewers’ saliva have attracted public gaze under the influence that the eating shows are popular.

Hwang, Jung-min - Ottogi  Jin Jjambbong

Hwang, Jeong-min is an actor who has been quite busy with main roles in the movies of Chungmuro by his bold acting. His excellent acting ability was the same with a CF. Hwang, Jeong-min who has been active as a CF model of Ottogi Jin Jjambbong got attention from people by showing the scene to eat hot and spicy Jin-Jjambbong with a good appetite.
Jin-jjambbong features the deep taste based on beef leg bone broth as if the taste of Jjambbong (spicy seafood noodle soup) of Chinese restaurants was reproduced as it is. Rich solid ingredients and seafood toppings that fit for Jjambbong add texture and flavor and taste. Jin-Jjambbong consists of packed ramen and cup ramen.

Jung, Yu-mi-CJ Gourmet Burger Steak

Jung, Yu-mi has been loved by many people because of her plain and lovely mood. She is boasting her cooking ability appearing even in ‘Youn’s Kitchen 2’ recently after ‘Youn’s Kitchen’, the the tvN reality show that attracted the attention of the public as it was aired last year.

In the CF of ‘Gourmet Burger Steak’ shown by Jung, Yu-mi-and CJ CheilJedang Corporation, she is cutting juicy Hamburger Steak wearing an apron neatly to make viewers’ mouths water. Gourmet Burger Steak contains a soporific patty by high temperature and fired system with sauce made by chef’s recipe. It is simple and easy to eat it after heating the pouch as it is in the microwave for 2 minutes.

Seo, Hyun-jin – Goobne Korean Galbi Sauce Chicken

Seo, Hyun-jin already made public about eating foods pleasantly through ‘Let’s Eat’, the TV drama. She again attracted the attention of the public by showing her unique eating show even in a CF of Goobne Korean Galbi Sauce Chicken. In the CF, Seo, Hyun-jin caught viewers’ eye and stimulated their appetites by holding a drumstick of GGoobne Korean Galbi Sauce Chicken and having a comical expression.

Goobne Korean Galbi Sauce Chicken series feature reproduction of the authentic taste of roasted ribs. It is perfect for Asians because it is good to enjoy it as a single dish and it fits for boiled rice. While Korean dishes have recently taken center stage with the Korean wave, Korean foods having sweet sauce including roasted ribs, Bulgogi, etc. have been popular. So it is the menu that Chinese people who try to enjoy Korean foods can try without burdens. (photos by The official web sites of Goobne Chicken, OTTOGI. Corporation, and CJ CheilJedang Corporation)


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