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Sun Feb 17

How to Create Athletic Figures Like Seol-hyun, Yuri, and Sunny

2018-01-26 15:50:01
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[by Hwang So-hee] There are many persons who had experience to be disappointed when different feelings were created even though they copied sexy female singers’ fashion styles and makeup to create the fascinating mood like those stars on TV. Especially, you get to be offended when elaborate makeup and investment costs for purchasing clothes are rendered useless. If these worries are repeated, it is important to think of fundamental problems.

It is more like that the cause of these worries is your figures that is difficult to create the fascinating mood even though you wear any clothes, not because of those clothes. It’s because it is difficult to digest stylish and good clothes if you have a bad figure.

There are the stars who are stylish even though they just wear white shirts and jeans as well as splendid styles. Yuri and Sunny as well as Soel-hyun, Yuri, and Hyuna have curvy figures in common.

If you want to digest perfect styles like these stars, let’s be born as the persons who have curvy figures and toned bodies by changing your body lines through stretching.

Stretching is excellent for activating your bodies. Stretching makes your bodies soft and comfortable by relaxing your tense muscles. Especially, it prevents muscle strain and joint injuries and helps natural physical activities by promoting circulation.

Stretching can easily be learned by everybody regardless of age. It can be helpful for changing your body lines by stimulating muscles softly.

You can create soft and comfortable bodies through stretching. But creating your good figures through stretching is beyond its capacity. If you tried several methods as well as stretching to have curvy and healthy figures but could not get satisfactory results, breast enlargement surgery can be a solution for your worries.

Director Kwon, Sun-hong (Specialist in plastic surgery) in JK Plastic Surgery Clinic located in Gangnam, the center of Korea, has had the increasing persons who visit the center because they agonized about the problem of little chest. He said that a method is to consider breast enlargement surgery if you cannot get satisfactory change even after trying exercise and breast massage.

Among breast enlargement surgery, the surgical method to insert implants of the form of water drops into breast can get the surgical results which are more perfect because it’s the surgical method through various ways of measurement that considered anatomical methods. If implants of the safe and natural forms including Polytech, Motiva, etc. are used, the rate of revision surgery remarkably decreases as capsular contracture is minimized.

As Director Kwon, Sun-hong said, “There have been more increasing foreign patients who come to Korea for plastic surgery as operative techniques of Korean plastic surgery have day by day developed and their excellence was recognized. If you want to have breast enlargement surgery, it is important to decide it through in-depth consultations with specialists about which surgical methods are suitable for your breast. ”

JK Plastic Surgery Clinic received the achievement award as the excellent cooperation institution to attract many foreign patients in Gangnam-gu. It aims at the safe plastic surgery center through the system that an anesthesiologist, a CPR team, and nurses stay in the center for 24 hours per. (photo by JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, bnt news DB)


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