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Sun Feb 17

The Secret of Baby Face Beauty 'Do you want time reversing beauty?’

2018-01-29 15:45:15
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[by Hwang Yeon-do] Have you ever heard of the word 'time reverse beauty' that has recently become a new coined word? The word actually means ‘to run opposite side of the other cars’ but when it is used in terms of beauty, it means a person with a baby face that never seems to age as if they are reversing the time.

There are several representative factors in terms of younger looking appearance. Small face, golden ratio of eyes, nose and mouth, V-line, firm skin, and full set of hair. When all these conditions are met perfectly, it can finally be called a baby face, so thorough self-management must be supported to keep up the look.

Are you envious of those who keep up their young appearance even after a marriage or child birth? You too can achieve the ‘time reverse beauty’. Here are some of the beauty secrets that is used by the celebrities.

Baby face skin care, moisturizing is important

When an actress was asked regarding their skin care secrets, this was what she shared. “Heaters are the skin’s enemy. I never turn on my car heater even during the coldest weather in winter.”

This means that dry winds can have an adverse effect on the skin, and moisture is the most important factor for your skin. The correct cleansing is crucial for skin moisturizing. No matter how much moisturizer you use, it is useless if it is used on skin covered with dead skin cells and fine dirt. You should always keep your hands clean to reduce the chances of skin infection and be more careful about the evening cleansing when you need to remove the makeup from your skin.

It is easy to think that makeup is better when it is expensive, but the most important thing is to use the right product for your skin. Especially in the case of daily cosmetics, it is more important to choose non-irritant products that contains nutrients necessary for your skin. Don’t forget the visit to the skin care shops, dermatologic laser and nutritious cream comes after the basics.

The point of younger looking hair is the volume 

When you think about a baby face hair, you think of a short bob and bangs. It is because this is a way to maximize the sense of volume. The rich volume that creates the baby face comes from root volume. Regardless of the hair length, when you are styling any hair, let's use a hair dryer to make the most of the root volume.

When you are parting your hair, it is better to have a slightly asymmetrical ratio of a 5: 5 ratios and make zigzag pattern instead of a straight line. It is important to make volume so wait until your hair is completely dried to part your hair.

If you do not have baby hairs, you can use a lot of hair line cover makeup products that are on the market in recent years. Well-groomed and rounded forehead is one of the important elements of appearance. Addition to volumized hair, if you fill in the empty hairline, you will be able to give a much younger impression.

The worst enemy of younger looking face, thinning hairlin

The fullness of hair takes a considerable part in the first impression. According to a survey by a marriage information company, women will most likely to avoid male members who have thinning hair. Hair loss, which was considered to be confined to middle-aged men, has recently become a common agony regardless of gender or age.

It would be nice if there was a way to increase the amount of hair in a short period of time, but the headache, aka ‘hair thinning’ is quite persistent and does not disappear easily. So, many experts say, "it is important to catch it early".

Recently, as the number of people with hair loss increases, there are numerous scalp management clinics popping up everywhere and some of them perform treatments without professional knowledge. You might suffer for few months after a bad haircut at a hair salon, but a bad hair thinning treatment can make you suffer for years or a life time. If you decide receive treatment, you should get a clinic program with proven product, long research and systematic system.

Ecomine’s Shop in Shop brand ‘Pilaso’ has developed an 'Early Hair Loss Management Program' to eliminate the hair loss roots that occur in the form of M-shaped, O-shaped crown thinning and U-shaped hair line thinning. The program that can be used to care for hair that is getting thinner and fallen during the winter, is carried out by close examination to identify your scalp type and deep cleansing to remove waste and dead skin, hair loss shampoo care, pH water retention care, nutrition care and troublesome scalp care.

Of course, it is hard to correct the source of hair loss with only specialized clinic while ignoring management in daily life. Do not forget that you can remove the root of the problem when correcting the wrong lifestyle at the same time as treating the hair loss. (photo by bntnews DB, ecomine)


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