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Sun Feb 17

Actresses Bring The Natural Hair To VIP Premieres

2018-01-29 23:20:25
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[photos by Jo Heeseon] Movie Psychokinesis was premiered to a crowd composed of VIP guests on January 29 at Seoul's Megabox COEX in Gangnam. 

Actresses Lee Dahee, Han Sunhwa and Ahn Sohee attended the event, all giving out different moods with one convergence point: long straight natural hair. The most basic kind of elegance.

Movie Psychokinesis tells the unimaginable story of a father, Sukhun, who suddenly grows supernatural powers, and his daughter Rumi, who fells into despair as she looses everything. Starring Ryu Seungryong and Shim Eunkyung, the movie will officially hit theaters on January 31.

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