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Sun Feb 17

DAL SOL A Releases Debut Single Album

2018-01-31 21:13:12
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[by Ent Team] DAL SOL A released her first single album. 

Singer-songwriter DAL SOL A unveiled her first single Sorry For Leaving You on January 31. 

This song is the kind to make you cry: it depicts the feeling of a woman who chooses pain, the pain of love, the pain of breakups, knowing there's eventually an end to this. The warm and sad voice of DAL SOL A makes this song a marvelous moment. 

The music video was directed and staged by advertising and editorial pros - namely Im Chomin and Yoon Joonsung -. Casting includes Han Eunseon and Park Junghwan, for an harmonious interpretation of the song. 

DAL SOL A pulls differenciation further with an album jacket created in collaboration with an artist. 

Meanwhile, DAL SOL A's single album Sorry For Leaving You is available on various portal sites. (photos by Adtainment)

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