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Fri Dec 14

Almeng Comes Back With Pillow

2018-02-06 00:46:04
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[by Ent Team] Almeng is back.

Duet Almeng is making a comeback after a year of three months with Pillow. 

The duet who made its name famous thanks to SBS's singing survival program, Kpop Star 3, released its new single on various music portal sites on February 5. 

Just like the title expresses it, this song is to recall a nice pillow. A daily life filled with worries and troubled thoughts must allow you a moment of relaxation, when you can forget everything, and lie on a soft bed and pillow - and this is what Almeng hopes to become for your this winter. 

This song has a groovy pop ambiance based on a dreamlike and warm sound makes it the perfect song to listen to in winter. The B-side of this single is a remastered version of Cheers to Me which was previously released in 2016. 

According to the duet, Almeng is trying to "create their own type of consoling amongst all the consolation song that can be found."

Meanwhile, Almeng is composed of Lee Haeyong and Choi Rin. Their popularity rose when they entered Kpop Star 3's TOP 6: they write their own lyrics, compose and produce their own songs. (photo by 2LSON Entertainment)

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