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Sun Feb 17

“Stars’Favorite Fashion Styles?” Picked by Stylenanda

2018-02-09 16:32:45
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[by Kim Min-Soo] The styling of female celebrities appearing in public got diversified. As they have to show the trends earlier than others, such diversified moods are represented.

Many stars like a fashionista Soo-Yeong, and Hyo-Min and Jeon So-Mi of T-ara showed the individual and unique styles, and also expressed such changeable charms with check-patterned jacket or coat.

As their new and trendy fashion styles always grab people’s attention, let’s take a look at the styles they enjoy with StyleNanda.


Soo-Yeong participated in the preview photo-wall event of a musical ‘Anna Karenina’ in Opera House of Seoul Arts Center in Seocho-gu, Seoul. As a fashionista always showing great fashion styles, she expressed a cheerful mood with a jacket filled with unique check patterns.

On top of showing the sophisticated charm by matching white shirt with denim pants, she completed the public look with a vivid red-colored bag.

Editor Pick. In case of unique or fancy outerwear, generally, it is great to match it with achromatic colors like white. In case when wearing a trendy check-patterned jacket, refer to Soo-Yeong’s point look.


Hyo-Min(member of T-ara) appearing in the VIP preview of a film ‘Keys to the Heart’ represented the modern and elegant fashion style with black & white look. Her beautiful leg lines captured men’s eyes as well.

Editor Pick. The black & white look could show diverse moods depending on the choice of design. If you like to express a sense of chic look, match a jacket with pants for stylish and modern sense.

#Jeon So-Mi

Jeon So-Mi visited the same preview with Hyo-Min. She grabbed people’s attention by showing the beauty of maturity that could be rarely seen from teenagers. On top of selecting a printed T-shirt, she matched it with the bootcut denim pants and brown coat for the sophisticated preview fashion style. Her black cross-bag emphasized the liveliness.

Editor Pick. A medium-length long coat is trendy. The match of knitwear and denim pants is to add a point to the whole look. It is also remarkable to see the belt of coat for more interesting look. (photo by bntnews DB, stylenanda)


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