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Sun Feb 17

Stylenanda 3CE Nursing Cream, the Key Item for Glossy Skin

2018-02-09 17:03:37
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[by Kim Min-soo] Skin gets sensitive when exposed to hot air from heater in winter or irritated by fine dust. Such rough and dry skin has many problems like dead skin cell and aging.

In this case, the moisture care is essential. The supply of plentiful moisture not only prevents aging, but also makes skin look clean and clear. The recent beauty industry is suggesting moisture-related products for moisture supply essential in this season, and also diverse moisturizing methods with the use of them.

Let’s take a look at the product for glossy face even in dry weather.

>> The continuous care is the only secret for younger-looking skin. Let’s do skincare at home!

The most basic and effective way to prevent dry skin in cold weather must be the continuous home-care. You should not be lazy if you want to get beautiful skin. Especially, in cold waves like nowadays, it is easy to have skin troubles as skin gets sensitive and stress.  
For such sensitive skin, it is important to change the basic skincare products to trouble line products. Out of diverse products in market, StyleNanda 3CE grabs many women’s attention because of its great trouble care and moisturization. 

>> The choice of moisture cream is the most important.


The effect of moisture products is to keep the moisture inside through the skin protective film by effectively infiltrating moisture into skin. Moreover, when skin gets dry, the body skin can have white dead skin cells, cracked skin, or itchiness.

The recently-rising moisture cream is StyleNanda 3CE Nursing Cream. It is the highly-enriched multi-gloss cream for face, lips, and whole body, made of clean raw ingredients from clean areas for luxurious glossy skin. 

Especially, its highly-enriched nourishment and moisturization provide gloss to skin. If it is used before/after makeup, moist and high-quality glossy skin could be expressed.


Express the brilliance for glossy skin right before makeup. Once the Nursing Cream is gently applied to the parts that do not absorb makeup, the moist and glossy skin could be completed. If you want to express the flawless skin, mix it with BB Cream or Foundation. You can experience a miracle-like younger-looking skin.

Furthermore, once it is lightly applied to the parts reflecting light by melting it on fingertips after makeup, such luminant gloss could be maintained for a long time. (photo by DB, stylenanda 3CE)


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