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Sun Feb 17

Sneak Preview of Spring Makeup Trend

2018-02-09 17:32:23
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[by Kim Min-soo] If you want to try the trendiest makeup this spring, you should pay attention. The weather is still cold, but the beauty industry is already springing up.
Smart women who are ahead of the season are catching up with the changes in the beauty industry and are introducing trendy styling as well as beautiful spring makeup. From the steady-seller pot lip to the cheek item that creates a lovely charm, beauty products never stops evolving.

The hyped makeup item for this spring from Stylenanda 3CE is grabbing everyone’s attention. Let's enjoy the goddess of spring with 3CE beauty items to feel the bright spring coming our way.

>> Spring Makeup, Brightening the Eyes


The most important part of spring makeup is the expression of the skin and the brightened eyes that stands out with purity. To achieve this look, let’s boldly skip eyeliner or delicately fill in the waterlines.

The refreshing peach coral and soothing skin tone Brown's youthful, casual color makes your face even brighter. If you add a pink blusher to your clear and transparent skin, you can create a lovely look.

The 3CE Duo Shadow is perfect for any occasion, and can be used to create new color schemes, either with or without the sensuous two-color combination of various formulations. In addition, it shows rich pigmentation with a light touch and it keeps the makeup last for a long time.

>> Cheek Makeup to Convey Love


The romantic cheek makeup is lovingly shown using the lively Maison Kitsune soft cheek like the cherry blossom flowers. Rosy cheek is an essential element of spring makeup. Instead of the usual powder type blusher, it is a smooth marshmallow texture that contains moisturizing ingredients and expresses two soft and rosy ample cheeks.

Especially, it adds colors transparently like the flower pedals so it creates radiant vivaciousness and the glowing effects completes the brilliant skin.

>> Lip Point for a Kissable lips


With vivid pigmentation that glides on smoothly, the Heart Pot Lip maintains the lovely pink lips for a long time and anyone can create perfect lip makeup. The sweet yet calm mood’s rose color is notable for this season.

In addition, it prevents moisture evaporation from the lips and forms a transparent protective film on the lips with a double moisturizing effect, so that the moisture is always maintained. It also provides nutrition to help smooth lip care. (photo by bnt news DB, stylenanda 3CE)


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