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Sun Feb 17

Ecomine Opens its Natural Dyeing Studio ‘Jayeon-e Meuldeulida’

2018-02-13 16:33:08
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[by Hwang Yeon-do] Ecomine, a scalp care specialty brand, launched a naturalistic dyeing studio ‘Jayeon-e Meuldeulida’ for healthy hair.

The first store opened in Sajik-dong, Busan is a space where you can manage scalp hair condition, custom care consultation, dyeing and hair care in one place. Unlike chemical hair dye, it combines color powder made from natural extracts, natural grains and tea to provide a color recipe for each individual's hair.

In particular, hypoallergenic hair dye, which does not contain ammonia or parabens, has been optimized for scalp hair protection by minimizing hair damage. The natural extract dye is excellent in covering the white and grey hairs which requires touch ups every certain period, and it produces a healthy and natural color even in the fashionable hair coloring.

Franchise affiliate business is also in progress. The brand has a new concept of 'Dyeing Cafe', which is creating a more friendly environment with a new concept of healing beauty, and it is trying to differentiate the brand by adding product competitiveness and unique technology. In addition, it analyzes merchandise, target groups, and stores and has the best system, systematic education, and store management system so it is a perfect 1 person business starter item.

According to Meuldeulida’s brand CEO Moon We Sook, "We have developed a natural dye that can protect hair at low cost in order to eliminate the inconvenience of customers who needs frequent touch ups for their white and grey hair. As people with thinning hair are increasing, they will be able to maintain a healthy hair with the power of nature. "

On the other hand, Ecomine is an eco-friendly scalp care cosmetics company that researches and develops environmentally friendly new material composition based on the know-how of scalp management center for 16 years and thinks of environment and people first. (photo by Ecomine)


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