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Fri Dec 14

Kang Hodong and Hong Jinyoung Release Collaboration

2018-02-17 00:35:11
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[by Ent Team] Kang Hodong and Hong Jiyoung unveils a highly anticipated collaboration. 

"I kicked my luck off" is the 85th song to be released on SM Entertainment's own platform, STATION. The song will be available on various portal sites in the afternoon of February 17, with the music video scheduled for a YouTube/Naver TV release later that day. 

Unsurprisingly, the song has a strong electrot base, which is a mix of electronic music and traditional Korean trot music which was created by Hong Jinyoung. It results in a very cool vibe that will please music fans' ears. 

Kang Hodong turns into a singer for this opportunity, but he didn't leave his humor in the closet. Notorious guests will make a cameo in the music video, namely Lee Soogeun and Jo Hyeryun, for a refreshing energy. 

The music video will be premiered in Knowing Bros (Kang and Lee's home show)'s Lunar New Year special episode. 

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment introduces a new song every week through the second season of STATION. (photo by SM Entertainment)

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