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Fri Dec 14

DIA Members All In Support Of Jung Chaeyeon

2018-02-21 07:58:13
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[photos by Jo Heeseon] Movie Live Again, Love Again was premiered in front of a VIP public at Lotte Cinema in Konkuk University Entrance on February 20. 

Girlgroup DIA attended the premiere in support of their fellow team mate Jung Chaeyeon. Live Again, Love Again is Jung's first big screen gig, she must have been so nervous going to the premiere and her members being here for her must have helped her relax. 

Movie Live Again, Love Again tells the story of Jipil, a producer who hears about his ex-girlfriend Yoonhee's death. It's a fantasy melodrama with passion at its core. Starring Jung Chaeyeon and rapper San.E, the movie will start showing on February 22. 

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