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Fri Dec 14

Kim Taeri Has Us Believe In Fairy Tales

2018-02-21 08:06:47
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[photos by Baek Sooyeon] The press conference of movie Little Forest was held on February 20 at Megabox Dongdaemun in Seoul. 

Actress Kim Taehee appeared in a white ankle-length dress that recalled those princesses from fairy tales. The fluidity and purity that her look gave out was so intense that everyone could have mistaken her for a European painter's muse. 

Movie Little Forest is based on a Japanese manga book. It tells the story of Hyewon, who can't seem to get anything done properly, be it exams, love or job-seeking. She eventually returns to her hometown where she meets her oldest friends, Jaeha (Ryu Joonyeol) and Eunsook (in Gijoo) for a year of intimate (re)discovery. In theaters on February 28.

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