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Sun Feb 17

Yoo Yeonseok and Park Bogum Look Like The Perfect Boyfriends

2018-02-27 05:40:39
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[photos by Jo Heeseon] Movie Little Forest was premiered in front of a crowd composed of VIPs on February 26 at COEX Megabox, in Gangnam, Seoul. 

The premiere was attended by many celebrities including actors Yoo Yeonseok and Park Bogum. The two men were sporting what Koreans like to call "perfect boyfriend looks". 

A perfect boyfriend look is a look that merges casual coolness with classic staples (as the trench coat or the white shirt): with staying cool while keeping it classy being two assets that a boyfriend should have. 

Little Forest is based on a Japanese manga book. It tells the story of Hyewon, who has a hard time succeeding at school, love or at finding a job and eventually decides to go back to her home town where she will meet her long-time friends over a life-changing year. Official release on February 28.

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