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Sun Feb 17

The airport is filled with jacket fever! Who is the heroine?

2018-02-28 13:30:01
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[by Kim Minsoo] The airport is the feeling the jacket fever. Right as we enter the spring season, the female singers are introducing stylish jacket fashions as the new hot airport fashion. The main stars are Seolhyun and Hyun-a.

They have been attracting attention with their ‘trying not too hard’ styling, and they are up step ahead of trend by boasting up-to-the-minute items. So, what jacket styling did they wear to gather public’s attention?

We took a look at fashion style of the well-known fashionistas Seolhyun and Hyun-a, and found the most sensuous fashion style of this season.


She made her debut as a member of the girl group AOA and stole the hearts of men. Now, Seolhyun has taken over the TV screen and continue to widen her spectrum in various fields. She attracts attention as a versatile figure that radiates four-dimensional charm in many variety shows.

She recently appeared at Incheon International Airport to attend a schedule abroad. She caught our eyes with a relatability stable style with a point. She matched a while blouse with denim jeans to show an immaculate appearance, and the jacket with check pattern added a sophisticated look to the airport fashion.

Especially, the red tote bad added more presence to the overall look that might have turned out a bit flat. 


Hyun-a, who boasts stunning performance every time she appeared on stage as a true sexy singer, was seen wearing a check pattern jacket. She raised the temperature at the airport by showing off her gorgeous legs and created a stylish yet alluring look. 

She presented a youthful image with a vivid colored hooded T-shirt, and matched a denim skirt to complete the airport fashion perfectly with a feminine mood. She also added an over-fit jacket to create a unique and sensuous Hyun-a look.

#Editor`s Pick

The item that can produce a sensual style is a jacket that goes rhythmically with any look. It goes well with pants as well as dresses, and it is loved as an airport fashion item, regardless the season or gender. 

If you want to create a more clean-cut look, let’s choose pattern less jacket. It is practical than other items and it can be easily matched to any item with style, so it is one of the best items for young women. (photo by bntnews DB, stylenanda)


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