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Wed Jan 16

‘Refreshing & Cheerful’ Peach Makeup Style that Calls Spring

2018-03-08 16:29:32
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[by Kim Min-Soo] Peach makeup makes men’s heart flutter and capture the heart of women. Before the warm spring season, wardrobes and makeup became bolder and the colors became brighter.

Global color company Panton's color of this year 'Blooming Dahlia' is a lovely peach-based color and it reflects the trend color in 2018. Various makeup styles are also changing accordingly.

Lovely but cheerful peach color. We found colorful peach makeup styles that can be used on any part of the face to create a lovely charm.

# Fill my cheeks with vitality!

One of the colors that many women look for during spring is orange. It is lovely as the bright spring sunshine and emphasize the liveliness so it is often used in cheek makeup with the 'it' color that represents spring. 

However, orange color does not simply mean silky cheek makeup. It is a point to be able to stand out at a glance with beautiful lips look. On top of the light and natural base makeup, you can fiercely add the blush to complete the colorful spring makeup look. 


For a more refreshing and cheerful makeup, it is better to brighten your face with a base that is one tone lighter than your original skin. Apply an eye shadow to the underline to connect it to the upper eyelids. Then, use an eyeliner to extend the shape of your eyes and finish the look with a pink mascara.  

From here, you apply the blush on the apple zone only that forms naturally when you smile, and we recommend using 3CE Duo Color Face Blusher. Due to the harmonious blend of lovely peach and vivid orange colors, you can produce a color that does not lose its vitality.

#Express attractive lips


While exciting colors such as coral, pink, and red are expanding to an infinite range, peach colors are specially loved by many women in spring season. Especially for the women in their 20s, it is impossible to get out of the charm of the lively orange color.

If you want to enhance the mature image while emphasizing the feminine beauty, try using 3CE velvet lip tint. Along with the eye makeup give a point with bright peach color to express yourself as a sophisticated woman. 

Like the hue of flowers, the color make the lips more rich and clam, and fills in the lines on the lips smoothly for a clean and soft lips. How about adding edge to spring makeup look by utilizing peach color this season? (photo by bntnews DB, Stylenanda 3CE)

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