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Sun Feb 17

Actors Go For The Long Coat

2018-03-12 23:07:36
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[photos by Kim Chiyoon] The VIP premiere of movie Be With You was held at Lotte Cinema World Tower in Jamsil on March 12. 

The event was attended by many celebrities from the industry and it seemed that male stars had passed along a secret dress code note. Many came to the event wearing long coats, thin or thick, always elegant and classy, amongst them Jang Kiyong, Song Seunghyun, Kim Dongjoon, Park Seojun and last but not least, So Jisub. 

Be With You tells the story of Son-ah (Son Yejin) who comes back to life in front of Woojin (So Jisub). The movie will officially premiere on March 14.

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