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Mon Mar 25

Han Hyejin Dares Talking About Love

2018-03-20 04:41:00
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[photos by Kim Gangyoo] Han Hyejin mentioned Mount Gwanak at a press event. 

On March 19, MBC held a special event in Seoul to celebrate the 5th anniversary of popular show I Live Alone. The event was attended by strong regulars of the show such as Jun Hyunmoo, Han Hyejin, Lee Si-eon, Park Narae, Kian84, and Henry, as well as the show's producer Hwang Jiyoung. They're all currently involved in the program. 

Journalists asked them what was their most precious memories of the show, and Han Hyejin replied that "My trip to Mount Gwanak with Hyunmoo is still a vivid memory." To which Park Narae added, "You just gave me chills."

Han went on, explaining that, "At that time, my relationship with Hyunmoo were just about making money together, but we watched that video after we became [a couple] and we can see some feelings. Now that I see it again. (laughs). I guess I couldn't fool myself any more. When I look at us, there were feelings."

I Live Alone is a program that follows the daily lifestyle of several celebrities in Korea. It will reach its fifth anniversary on March 22, 2018. 

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