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Wed Mar 20

Bright Cherry Blossom Makeup Style for Springtime

2018-03-21 16:33:47
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[by Hwang So-hee] After a piercing cold took a step back, a warm sun of spring is upon us. Those who were tired of the long cold weather can’t hide their excitement for spring.

Especially, when the spring season is approaching, women try to transform their images with bright stylish fashion and beauty items that can erase the dull winter atmosphere at once.

It is March when the frozen heart along with the weather warms up. Why not try a cherry blossom makeup style that captures the bright spring atmosphere and transform your image for the spring season.

STEP1 Complete clean skin texture without flaws


If you want to replicate the bright colors of spring, the most important thing is to express clean skin. Smooth, moist skin without flaws completes the natural beauty. 3CE Pink Boutique Creamful Foundation brightens dull skin tones and provides toning effect while maintaining moisture and nutrients to dry skin for smooth skin conditions.

After finishing the basic care, let's apply an appropriate amount of 3CE Pink Boutique Creamful Foundation and spread evenly on the skin. At this time, if you use 3CE Pink Boutique Foundation Brush which boasts excellent compatibility with Creamful Foundation can complete more adhesive makeup.

STEP2 Brilliant blusher like cherry blossom


It is a good idea to use a cheek that will give you more energy to bring out the lush atmosphere like cherry blossom on your face. Naturally color the cheek along the cheekbone diagonally starting with the tail of your eyes to the side of your nostrils. 

The 3CE Duo Color Face Blusher provides matte finish with a soft texture that gives the skin a vibrant color with excellent pigmentation. If you want more delicate atmosphere, tap off the excess blusher from the brush then use it.

STEP3 Lip makeup that holds spring


If you want natural makeup lip coloring as if it was bathed in flowers, let's choose a pure violet pink color that will hit the peak of cherry blossom makeup.

3CE Velvet Lip Tint is excellent for producing velvety finish texture that gently adheres to the lips surface to create a natural gradient lip while at the same time creating an ambiance of cherry blossom makeup with rich, calm colors. (photo by bntnews DB, stylenanda 3CE)


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