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Sun Feb 17

WINNER Releases 2nd Album 4 Years After First

2018-03-28 05:08:07
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[by Ent Team] WINNER is back with a second album entitled EVERYD4Y. 

YG Entertainment uploaded the teaser poster to WINNER's second full-length album on its official blog on March 26. Recently, CEO of YG Entertainment Yang Hyeonseok had teased fans about this album, stating that "it's an album that you will want to listen to everyday". 

The reason why the A of "everyday" was replaced by a 4 in the title is to enhance the group's newest composition as a four-member unit. The group started over last April, on the 4th, which is the date this year of the release of their second album, four years after the first one. It's the second year that the group releases a big a news on this day, officially making it the Winner Day.

On the poster, the boys are sitting on a sofa, next to each other in a very friendly and fun mood, teasing each other and expressing the closeness of their relationship. 

The group plans on displaying a broadened musical spectrum with this album. Their music is now completely different with the moods of the likes of REALLY REALLY and LOVE ME LOVE ME. But has the same hit potential. (photo by YG Entertainment)

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