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2018 F/W Hera Seoul Fashion Week Styling TIP

2018-03-29 13:24:30
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[By Hwang So-hee] The fashion trend creator 2018 F/W Hera Seoul Fashion Week was held from March 19th to 24th. Hera Seoul Fashion Week, where the greatest number of Korean designers participate, is not only a spectacular fashion show but also a point of view that cannot be missed by the unique styling of stars who have visited the event.

Hera Seoul Fashion Week is where you can catch a glimpse of the new trends worn by the stars who show off their fashion sense. Let's see the trendy stylings of fashionistas and transform into a charming fashion people.

>>Um Ji-won

Charming actress Um Ji-won attracted attention by introducing her unique styling in the Miss Gee collection. On this day, she perfected a modern and stylish look by pulling off a bold over-fit suit perfectly. 

Editor's Pick If you are not comfortable to wear a classic suit look, wear a clean sneakers to neutralize the look and create fashionable style that is not over the top. 

>>Hwang Bo

Hwang Bo, who exudes girl-crush charm, stood charismatically in front of GREEDILOUS’s photo wall. Like a fashionista, she wore an all-black jacket dress and matched it with an earring item to create a chic mood. 

Editor's Pick If you feel bored with black dresses, choose a dress with striped pattern design. If you give a point here with an accessory, you can complete the perfect styling.

>>Jung Hye-sung

Actress Jung Hye-Sung, who has a youthful charm, has attracted interest by emitting a lovable and feminine mood at Jarrett’s photo wall. On this day, she created a trendy look by matching the sophisticated checkered jacket with same patterned mini-skirt.

Editor's Pick Check patterns never goes out of fashion and can show different styles depending on how they are styled. If you wear a wardrobe with a check pattern, it is better to match a basic style innerwear. (Photo by: bnt news DB, Stylenanda)


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