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Spring like Bright Cherry Blossom Makeup TIP

2018-04-05 14:04:46
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[by Shin Yeon Kyung] As the warm weather continues, the cherry blossoms bloomed earlier than expected and brought happiness to many people. Since the wait was long, nothing can stop the thrilled hearts.

Not even the fine dust and dust storms can’t stop the ‘spring outing’, so people are preparing for everything from romantic hair style to colorful fashion. But the most important thing is the bright makeup that holds the spring.

We introduce the how-to of making cherry blossom makeup that will make romantic spring outings more brilliant.

Step 1. Basic Care

Before you start your makeup routine, you need to keep your skin clean and moist. In the spring, the weather changes suddenly and the skin becomes drier, and the fine dust and dust storms build up dead skin cells to cause trouble and clump up makeup.

After cleansing, use a less irritating scrub product to remove old dead skin cells to create a clean skin. Smoothed out skin creates optimal condition to absorb moisture and nourishment and increase hydration. Once you exfoliate the skin, calm the texture with skin or toner and add nutrition with moisturizer.

If you apply a moisturizing product that has whitening and elasticity enhancement functions as well as hydration replenishment, it will transfer moisture and nourishment deep into the skin to create bright and firm skin.

Step 2. Skin texture

The biggest weapon of a woman is the flawless skin. It is because the smooth skin without any troubles shines in any makeup. In addition, the bright skin tone emphasizes the pigment makeup, creating a bright look.

The pink tone makeup base brightens your natural skin tones so and is suitable to produce clear skin tone. Use a concealer and full coverage foundation to cover up dark circle, freckles, acne scars and other spots and finish with a powder for a matte finish.

Step 3. Pigment makeup

The core of the cherry blossom makeup is pigments. You don’t necessarily have to choose pink-based pigment cosmetics for Cherry blossom makeup. If your skin tone doesn’t match with pink, your makeup look won’t stable and complete.

Let's apply pink and lavender for cooltone, and gently apply coral-colored eye shadow, blusher, and lip product for warmth tone.

Those with cool tone skin should use pink and lavender and those with warm tone skin can use coral-colored eyeshadow, blusher and lip products to maximize your lovely charm like spring flower pedals.

Editor’s Pick

01 HUWAY SOONARI PREMIUM PEPTIDE CREAM The tripeptide imparts elasticity to the skin that has lost its volume and the ginseng extract and ceramide ingredient strengthens the skin barrier to provide moisture, improve wrinkles and clear up skin tone to create smooth skin.

02 NARS NATURAL RADIANT LONGWEAR FOUNDATION The full coverage foundation naturally covers skin flaws and raspberry, apple and watermelon extracts prevent breakage and lasts for a long time.

03 Benefit HERVANA Lavender Pink Blusher A combination of four colors of baby pink, gold pitch, rose peach, and pink plum gives a warm and lovely blushing effect.

04 shu uemura laque supreme crush coral Oil-in-water formula glides on lip smoothly and changes into a honeycomb structure when it contacts the lips and it is lightly adheres for long wear. It boasts a bright color, you can add layers for more pigmentation. (photo by HUWAY, SOONARI, Benefit, shu uemura , bntnews DB)


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