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Sunmi, Song Ji Hyo, Jung Ryeo Won, ★'s ‘denim pants’ Fashion look

2018-04-05 18:25:47
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[by Huh Gemma] If you choose a fashion item that everyone wears all over the world regardless of age and gender, it will be 'denim pants'. Denim Jeans, originally made for the miners who are driven to the West for gold in the gold rush of the 1850s, have since become a global fashion item and continue to be popular today. For fashion-loving entertainers, denim pants are an indispensable staple item indispensable. Let's take a look at the fashion trends of fashionista entertainers such as Jung Ryeo-won, Song Ji-hyo, and Sunmi, and learn how to utilize denim pants.

Recently, Jung Ryeo Won, who appeared at Incheon International Airport for overseas editorial photoshoot, showed natural and trendy airport fashion as a fashionista. Jung Ryeo-won wore casual style wardrobe with check pattern jacket and denim pants with unique Boeing sunglasses to create a chic yet edgy look.

Editor’s Pick

Light tone denim is well matched with gray. It is a combination recommended for those who prefer the 'unconventional' style to instill an unusual feel. If you want a casual look match it with rolled up for Boyfriend fit jeans, or a boot-cut fit for a more femininity. By adding heel or ankle boots, you can create perfect body ratio.

Song Ji Hyo, who recently looked beautiful at a fan signing ceremony, presented a casual and sporty denim look. She match the color of 2018, lavender violet blouse with a denim pants, and her fashion sense score was 100 out of 100! She didn’t wear any other accessories and maximized her cuteness with a clean pony tail.
Editor’s Pick

A bright toned denim with blue hue is a good daily item for spring and summer. When you combine denim with a blouse, the look changes depending on the blouse so you can create various styles and looks. Choose a pastel toned ruffle blouse if you want a lovely and lively look, or you can choose a calm flower pattern to create a feminine look.

Sunmi showed up at Incheon International Airport recently for an editorial photoshoot attracted attention with sensible spring fashion. She wore a comfortable and stylish airport fashion with lovely pink rider jacket and denim pants. Here, she matched graphic T-shirt and sunglasses together, to prove her fashionista status.

Editor’s Pick

One of the many ways to utilize denim is to try to match similar tones of color together. Styling blue colors that are similar to denim pants can help to look taller. Choose sneakers to simple and trendy look and add a point with sunglasses to complete the look. (photo by bntnews DB, Stylenanda)


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