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‘Something in the Rain’ Melo drama of Son Ye Jin x Jung Hae In... 3 reason that captured audiences’ heart

2018-04-11 18:10:57
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[by Ent Team] ‘Something in the Rain’ is coloring the living rooms with melodramatic sensibility

On March 30, the first episode of JTBC drama ‘Something in the rain’ (Script Kim Eun, Directing Ahn Pan-seok) gain much interest in the first week of broadcast. It portrays Yoon Jin-ah (Son Ye Jin) and Seo Joon Hee (Jung Hae In), who were just ‘acquaintances’, falling for each other and falling in love.

From the first broadcast, the drama recorded 4.0% of the nationwide ratings and 4.2% of the metropolitan area ratings (Nielsen Korea, based on paid housing), and Son Ye Jin was the No.1 and Jung Hae in was No. 2 in the drama performance index of the March 5th drama cast by Good Data Corporation. So, we looked at three reasons why the 'Something is the Rain' grabbed the attention of the viewers.
#1. Son Ye Jin x Jung Hae In melodrama which will deepen Fri & Sat Night

In the first episode, we saw Jin-ah and Joon Hee reuniting after 3 years. The conversation between them while they were eating and drinking together was natural as the years they knew each other. But when Jin-ah asked, “Do men like every girl if they are pretty?”, you can feel something different from Jun Hee who answered, “You are much prettier”. The rain began to pour suddenly, and when Jun Hee bought only one umbrella and put his arm around Jin-Ah’s shoulders, the viewers’ hearts were pounding along with Jin-ah. The slowly felt emotions and the hidden feelings of one another comes to surface and the ‘real melo’ of Jin-ah and Jun Hee will deepen the Friday and Saturday nights even more.

#2. 100% relatable reality! A sympathetic on point story

Jin-ah, who are stuck among bosses who are passive aggressive to force participation to company dinners and meticulously critical with the smallest punctuations, never express her dissatisfaction. She even broke up with her ‘true love’ and was hurt by someone who she really loved. The drama portrays relatable concerns and hardships of working women in their 30’s realistically and earned strong ‘feel like my story’ sympathy.

# 3. Sensational production and Old Pop OST

Sensational production played a big role in revealing the distinctive sensitivity of 'Something in the Rain’. The emotional portrayal of the characters naturally came through. Especially in the 2nd episode, when Jin-ah and Jun Hee were drinking, the scene of the spring rain seemed like we were looking at two people outside of the window. This maximized the atmosphere of coexistence and tension, and it was the scene where netizens gave the most favorable reviews. And the OST, which gathered high expectations with Rachel Yamagata’s participation and it was chosen as another viewing point. Old pop songs that stood the test of times like ‘Stand by your man’, ‘Save the last dance for me’, is inserted in the perfect place to bring out the calm and delicate melodic sensibility.

On the other hand, the JTBC Friday & Saturday drama 'Something in the Rain’ will be broadcasted at 11:00 pm on April 6. (photo by Drama House, Contents K)


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