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Tue Oct 16

TVXQ is on ‘I can see your voice’ ... look forward to laughter bomb with their 15-year polar opposite chemistry

2018-04-12 11:34:29
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[by Ent Team]  'Asia’s Star' TVXQ will appear in 'I can see your voice'.
On March 30, Mnet 'I can see your voice 5' U-know Yunho and Max Chang-min boasted their 15-year ‘polar opposite chemistry’ and give excitement and raising expectations about how they will play the guessing game.
On the day of filming, in the process of guessing the identity of the mystery singer, they continued to have different opinions but made everyone laugh by saying, "This is the power that holds TVXQ together”.
The two who returned with the new song in three years and appeared in an entertainment program they could enjoy with the fans in a long time, saying, "It reminds us of when we were the new comers. We have butterflies in our stomach." and received warming cheers from viewers. The atmosphere of the studio got hotter with every TVXQ’s words, and the filming continued in a livelier atmosphere than ever.
Also, in the pre-broadcasted video, the TVXQ showcased a lip-synching stage on the spot and raised the expectation. The perfect synchronization of U-know Yunho, who sang with the soul to the voice of the mystery singer and Max Chang-min, who flamboyantly lip-synched the acapella beatbox, made people laugh even before the show aired.
In addition, TVXQ seems shocked by their private lives getting revealed along with the mystery singer to raise the curiosity of the story.

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