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Wed Mar 20

Spring Makeup Makeover

2018-04-12 11:46:37
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[by Hwang So-hee] The cold winter has come to a halt and the warm spring is finally upon us. Those who were tired of the long and harsh cold cannot hide their excitement for the spring.

Many women, especially in the spring season, try new forms of fashion and beauty items with bright colors.

How about trying to make a different image in spring with a bright spring makeup style filled with spring mood.

To reproduce the lush of spring, it is good idea to use a blusher that can add more liveliness to your face. Choose pink or coral blusher that matches your skin tone and color up your cheek bones.

Here, you can complete a perfect spring makeup by adding the final touch with natural color lip makeup that will make your lip look like a flower pedal.

However, there are those who would like to enjoy the spring atmosphere with new makeup but give up because they are not confident of their face shapes or lost confidence due to their imperfect areas. There are facial types and complexes that are difficult to cover up with makeup. Considering fat transfer can be a solution for those suffering from these problems.

According to Bae Joon-sung, a plastic surgeon at JK Plastic Surgery Center, located in Gangnam, the center of Korea, "There are many people who worry about looking older because their face looks deflated and saggy because they have no fat. If it is difficult to solve the problem with makeup, it is one of the ways to consider fat transfer that complement the face type as a solution."

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