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Sun Feb 17

Spring makeup and Let’s go to the cherry blossoms outing!

2018-04-12 13:23:00
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[by Hwang So-hee] It is April and we can’t hide our excitement for the spring. It is a pleasure to see the sunshine dazzling like a reward for surviving the cold winter.

The warm sunshine and the cheerful winds are becoming small happiness. If you want to increase your happiness index, let's focus on spring makeup. The lovely mood of spring makeup is perfect for adding a fresh spring mood.

How about going out for a cherry blossom outing with a bright spring makeup this weekend?
>> Smooth skin texture

The most important thing when putting on your makeup is a healthy and smooth skin texture. A thick base makeup to cover the imperfections can block the pores and cause more skin troubles, so it is advisable to use a concealer to compensate according to the trouble area.


The 3CE Studio Face Tuning Concealer Palette, which solves your skin troubles at once, is made up of 6 colors that perfectly cover redness, pigmentation and dark circles. It could also create three-dimensional face by using shading and highlighter to contour your face.
>> Lovely Cheeks

The core of spring makeup is the cheek that adds vitality. If you want to transform into a spring girl, let's add color to your two cheeks with lovely pink colors.


3CE Maison Kitsune Soft Cheek makes a liven up your makeup with clear and transparent color. It also includes moisturizing ingredients and the matte texture adheres to the skin with no clumps or build ups so the color lasts for a long time. 

>> Lips that holds Sping

If you want to complete the spring makeup, give it a point for lip makeup. It is better to finish the warm atmosphere with a pink-based lip product that is reminiscing to spring atmosphere rather than the intense red color.


The 3CE Soft Lip Lacquer is matte with soft liquid formulation and can produce perfect color with only one application. 3CE soft lip lacquer’s Shawty is a pink color that feel dainty and feminine, so it is perfect for spring makeup. (photo by bnt news DB, Stylenanda 3CE)


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