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Shall we go to the cherry blossom festival in these looks?

2018-04-12 17:48:02
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[by Heo, Gemma] Nowadays, such a pleasant and warm weather is continued. Especially, this weekend is expected to have cherry blossom festivals in the whole nation, so that everyone looks excited to go cherry-blossom viewing. If you have any plan to walk on the street filled with cherry blossoms together with lover, friend, and family, pay attention to these fashion styling tips for taking beautiful ‘photos of your lifetime’.

# More beautiful than cherry blossoms ~ ‘Yellow dress’

Do you want to stand out from the crowd coming to see the feast of cherry blossoms? In this case, you should select the colorful clothes. As yellow color is contrasted with pink cherry blossoms, it is helpful to reveal your confident existence even in the crowd. However, the vivid color could look childish, so that you should be careful to select the design. A dress with small flower patterns or made of lace material could provide the feminine beauty and innocent beauty to you.

# ‘Jacket +Denim’ is the combination of truth.

You are planning to go cherry blossom viewing with friends instead of lover? Then, the comfortable styling for activity would be a perfect choice. However, if you only think about comfort, then you can miss your own individuality. The combination of jacket and denim might be the best way for comfort and stylish look. If a colorful cross-bag is added to it, more cheerful and sophisticated look could be expressed. Lastly, you can appeal your comfortable and fresh charm with light-weighted shoes.

# ‘Shirt dress’ for comfort and great style

If you want to express the elegant look just like cherry blossoms, a feminine shirt dress is the perfect choice. Especially, a shirt dress with its own belt could look boyish or feminine depending on how to wear it. If you like to add a point to this, select a silver watch or bangle instead of boring jewelry. Lastly, if it is completed with clean white sneakers or tone-and-tone high heels, the confident and chic charm could be doubled up.(photo by bnt news DB, Stylenanda)


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