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The well-proportioned So-Hee’s suggestion of fashion styling for spring

2018-04-12 18:00:55
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[by Heo Gemma] An actress So-Hee grabbed attention with diverse styling for spring. Owing to her superior physical features like small face and long arms & legs, she looks greater than others even in the same clothes. Let’s take a look at her spring styling based on fashion keywords.

#Off-Shoulder Mini Dress

The first spring fashion selected by So-Hee is the off-shoulder mini dress with the beauty of leg lines. Owing to the cover-up effect by its loose fit, it is suitable for people with a complex about upper body or thighs. A sexy off-shoulder look could be completed when long drop-earrings and sexy high heels are added to it.

#Jean & Jean Fashion

In front of Kenzo photo wall, as a well-known fashionista, So-Hee showed the perfect ‘jean & jean fashion’ that is hard to look good on most people. Every one may have denim items in his/her wardrobe. However, it is not an easy decision to match jean with jean for both top and bottoms. If a clean white shirt and simple but trendy sneakers are matched with them, you could be reborn as a fashionista with the fresh beauty.

#Luxurious Look

In the 10 Corso Como’s 10th anniversary commemorative event, So-Hee appeared in the luxurious look with a neat ponytail. On top of the feminine dress for simple & formal style, the beauty of slender leg lines was emphasized by matching high-heel sandals with two straps. The point of this luxurious look is to emphasize the sophisticated beauty with highlighted silhouette and minimal styling.
  Editor’s Pick  

You are not sure what to wear on the upcoming weekend date? Then let’s try diverse fashion styles by referring to So-Hee’s spring styling.

First, if you are confident in your collarbone and legs, the off-shoulder dress will be perfect for you. If the exposure seems to be too much, then you can raise up the shoulder line a bit. If you prefer the casual look to the feminine beauty, the jean & jean fashion is recommended. It is good to express the witty and cheerful image after getting out of the boring daily look.

If you have a date or blind date, a feminine dress is recommended. As it can express the feminine beauty, sophisticated beauty, and the image of calm & proud woman, you would look much more attractive.(photo by bnt news DB, Stylenanda)


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