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Wed Jun 26

Eric Nam Becomes The King Salesman, Sells Sugar Candy In Sri Lanka For 'Wizard of Nowhere'

2018-04-20 10:04:58
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[by Ent Team] Eric Nam sells sugar candies.

The MBC "Wizard of Nowhere" broadcasted on Sunday, April 15, shows Eric Nam, who emanated the charm of South America and transformed into “South America Nam” with his new released album, becoming a veteran ‘king salesman’ in Sri Lanka.

Su-ro’s team, who had not been able to eat dinner because they ran out of money, opened a 1-day marketplace to make money for a proper meal. This 1-day marketplace had something ambitiously prepared. It is a set of sugar candy set that actor Um Ki-joon has brought from Korea. It makes viewers wonder if Um Ki-joon’s sugar candies will capture the taste buds of Sri Lanka people.

Um Ki-joon tried to remember when he was young and began to prepare to make sugar candies to make a profit. But each time, the sugar got stuck to the iron plate and he failed to make candies. In order to avoid showing the failure to the local people who are waiting to eat it, visual brothers went in to action.

Group Winner’s Jinwoo hurried back and hid the ruined sugar candies, and Eric Nam tried to turn the people attention to the ocean. But even with the efforts, making sugar candies turned out to be a series of failures.

Nevertheless, with the efforts of the two youngest struggles, they were able to buy some time to make a success and sugar candy sales met a turning point.

In order to spur up the sales, the talented Eric Nam approached customers customized service promotion strategies and promoted all of the daily marketplace items.

He even danced and sang to gather more customers. Actor Kim Su-ro praised Eric Nam’s efforts by telling him, “We are lucky to have you with us. We are fine as long as you are here.”

On the other hand, you can check if Eric Nam’s effort paid off to have successful 1-day marketplace and if Su-ro’s team was finally able to have a good meal on MBC "Wizard of Nowhere" on the 15th, at 6:45 pm (photo by MBC )

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