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Wed Jun 26

Oh My Girl 'Legendary Bowling' Full Cast, Song Eun-hee x Seung Hee Imitates Lee Sun Hee

2018-04-20 10:13:23
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[by Ent Team] Find Oh My Girl in Bowling Alley.

On TV Chosun "Legendary Bowling," which is broadcasted at 11 pm on April 13, the group Oh My Girl, who recently returned as a unit, appears as a complete group and attracts attention of the viewers. Members who have been devoted their time to practice bowling and longed for the appearance of 'Girl Group' welcomed them with pleasure.

On this day, Oh My Girls will show off their innate charm and charm throughout the show. Oh My Girl’s YooA- Seung Hee- Mimi receives big cheers by showing off Song Eun-hee’s ‘Celeb Five’ dance in perfection. Seung Hee, boasted perfect harmony with Song Eun-hee, as they imitate Lee Sun-hee, as if they were one person. The members couldn’t hide their smiles while watching the ‘heart fluttering’ hidden talent show of Oh My Girl.

To follow the good run, the ‘Legendary Bowling’ members start an item bowling match. The loser has to continue to bowling game in comedic costume. Seven was chosen to wear ‘Gung Ye’ costume so he appears in bald wig and an eyepatch. It is said that he sang ‘Come Back to Me’ in the costume and even showed off the heel-less dance to make everyone laugh. Lee Hong-ki plays bowling while wearing a four-footed ‘Horse Doll’ costume.

On the other hand, you can watch Oh My Girl and TV Chosun 'Legendary Bowling' at 11 pm on Friday, 13th (photo by TV Korea)

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